Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen” 

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Series 8 promo x

"Life returns. Life prevails" - Dalek

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It was you.All along, it was you!You son of a bitch.You drove into traffic to keep me from that laundry.That call I got telling me Marie was in the hospital…that wasn’t Pinkman.You had my cell number.You killed ten witnesses to save your sorry ass.You bombed a nursing home.Heisenberg. Heisenberg!You lying,two-faced sack of shit.

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HANK: Right here, here at the top, it says, “To W.W. My star, my perfect silence.” W.W. I mean, who do you figure that is, y’know? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? Walter White?

WALTER: Heh. You got me!

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Get to know me meme  [1/5] villains » Loki Laufeyson

↳ “The house of Odin is full of traitors.”

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"The film is structured around these two brothers, you know, they love each other and they hate each other and they… They need each other and they define each other."
-Tom Hiddleston

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